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Homemade Tool Carrier Bolted To Side Of Tractor
“I use my Kubota 60 hp., 4-WD loader tractor to drag logs out of the woods and cut them up into firewood. I had been storing chainsaws and associated tools on the floorboard or in the bucket, but I wanted something safer so I bolted a homemade tool carrier onto one side of the tractor. It keeps everything handy and neatly organized,” says Robert McMahon, Knoxville, Tenn.
    He uses the tool carrier “to carry any tools I might need in the woods, such as chain saws, chains, snatch blocks, chokers, a cant hook, wood maul, wedges, and gas and oil cans. It also works great to carry fencing tools and materials.”
    He started with a 30-in. length of 6-in. steel tubing that attaches to the loader’s vertical support arm with 5 bolts. He used a steel plate to seal off the bottom of the tube, and cut notches into the top to store chains. He hangs an old ATV tire on the notches, to carry a 150-ft. cable along with nylon straps. A length of 3-in. tubing welded on front of the 6-in. tubing is used to carry long-handled tools. A pair of 1-in. deep metal scabbards welded on back of the tube hold a chainsaw bar, with a T-handle used to clamp it in place.
    McMahon welded a latched “lift hook” on top of the tube to haul a 5-gal. bucket, and he uses a 1 1/2-ft. long, 8-in. wide, open-sided container on back of the tube to store gas and oil cans.
    He wanted better protection for hydraulic valves and hoses underneath the tractor, so he made “skid plates” by welding a pair of 7-in. wide, 1/2-in. thick steel plates together and then welding them on below the tube. “The skid plates protect the valves and hoses from rocks and tree stumps,” he notes.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert McMahon, P.O. Box 7008, Knoxville, Tenn. 37921 (ph 865 690-7783; robbo2871@gmail.com)

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