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Push Mower Converted To Giant Weed Wacker
Rob Davis needed to mow a large area of 6 to 8-ft. tall weeds growing in front of his home. Some had “trunks” up to 1 1/2 in. dia. He couldn’t handle the giant weeds with his riding mower or a handheld weed wacker, so he converted an inexpensive 22-in. Murray push mower into a giant weed wacker. It mounts on front of his Snapper riding mower, where it’s suspended about 4 in. off the ground.
    “The entire front part of the deck is open with the blade exposed, so it’ll chop through even the biggest weeds with no problem where a riding mower would be stopped in its tracks. The only limitation is that the blade is totally exposed, so the operator has to be very careful,” says Davis.
    “I started working on lawn mowers for an implement dealer as a teenager back in the 1960’s, in my home town of Allendale, New Jersey, and now that I’m 70 years old I’m still at it,” says Davis. “I designed the bumper so that in the future I can use it with other attachments, such as a snow blade or mini forklift.”
    He removed the wheels from the push mower as well as the entire back part of the deck, leaving a 20-in. wide opening that exposes the blades. He turned the mower around to face backward and bolted homemade mounting brackets to remount the handle on the opposite side of the mower deck. He welded a 2-in. receiver hitch on back of the deck and then used 2-in. square tubing to build the bumper, building a hitch onto it. He also tied up the “blade engagement” bar to the push mower’s handle to keep the blades engaged any time the mower is running.
    “A short length of strap steel between the mower deck and bumper supports the front part of the mower deck. It’s attached to a threaded rod that I use to adjust the mower up or down, depending on what I’m cutting,” says Davis.
     “Once I’m done cutting weeds, I untie the rope to disengage the blades. At one time I tried running the rope from the mower back to the riding mower so that I could start and stop the mower blades without getting off the riding mower. However, I don’t use it any more. By pulling a pin from a receiver hitch, I can quickly remove the push mower and store it in my garage.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rob Davis, P.O. Box 17, Schell City, Mo. 63784

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