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Seed Tube Monitor Sees Through Dirt
"It uses magnetics rather than light to count seeds," says Chris Buente, representative of Pioneer Technology Inc., manufacturer of a new planter monitor with a unique seed tube sensor.
The sensor simply wraps around the seed tube and sends an electromagnetic signal in a flat plane through it. When a seed passes through, the movement is recorded. It's totally insensitive to the buildup of dust and dirt on the seed tube. Even if you pack the inside of a seed tube with dirt, as the company does to demonstrate the unit, it still counts the seeds.
The new planter monitor is also unique in that it uses a sonar ground speed sensor rather than radar. "It's much more accurate and, when combined with our seed tube sensor, gives us the most accurate planter monitor ever," says Buente.
The seed tube sensors and groundspeed sensor send signals to a cab-mounted console, which reads out in plants per acre. A single green light on the console means all tubes are planting. A red light goes on when there's a problem.
"There are less problems with this system because it's heavier-built and less sensitive to sunlight, dust, vibration and other problems. You don't have to continually clean out the seed tubes to keep them working," says Buente, noting that the new electromagnetic sensor is also being adapted to measure the flow of grain through augers in a project for Massey Ferguson and the flow of liquids in sprayers.
A 4-row monitor sells for $1,600.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pioneer Technology Inc., 617 N. Mary Ave., Sunnyvale, Calif. 94086 (ph 408 737-7010).

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