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New Way To Repair Tubeless Tractor Tires
“Our new external tire patch for tubeless tires eliminates the need to remove the wheel from the rim to patch punctures or slices in tractor tires and other off-road tires, even if it’s a tear in the sidewall. Our patch kit is a great tool to keep on your tractor or ATV in case of an emergency,” says Dave Auble, Glue Tread LLC, Hiram, Ohio.
  FARM SHOW readers might remember that Auble and his son, Andrew, are the guys who came up with “glue on” tractor treads used to boost traction on older tractors with worn treads (Vol. 42, No. 6).
  Now they’re offering a kit that includes 1/8-in. thick pieces of a tough but flexible rubber along with a special adhesive that bonds the piece permanently to the tire.
  “This kit uses a thinner piece of rubber than our glue-on treads. It’s more pliable and bends with the tire but holds up to the air pressure inside the tire,” says Auble. “Other external ‘tire plug’ kits on the market can fix punctures between the lugs, but they can’t fix a puncture or a slice in the sidewall.”
  To apply the patch you deflate the tire and glue the puncture or slice back together, then apply the patch over the damaged portion of the tire. The adhesive should be allowed to cure for about an hour.
  “The repair can be completed in the field, and the patch can hold up to 30 to 40 psi depending on the severity of the puncture,” says Auble. “We worked with a manufacturer to develop a rubber that combines flexibility and toughness. It’s able to stretch as the tire is pumped up, and flexes as the tire goes over rocks and rough terrain.”
  The patch is 1 1/2 in. wide and available in 1 1/2, 2, and 3-in. lengths. “If you need a smaller piece, you can trim the rubber using a heavy-duty scissors or a sharp knife,” notes Auble.
  He notes, however, that the new kit should not be used on any kind of highway vehicle.
  The kit includes 4 patches and a bottle of adhesive. It sells for $15, or you can get 3 kits for $35, including shipping anywhere in the U.S. It can be ordered online, by phone, or via email.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dave Auble, GlueTread LLC, 11684 Hayden St., P.O. Box 357, Hiram, Ohio 44234 (ph 800 238-9791; dave@gluetread.com; www.GlueTread.com).

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