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Magnetic Thermometer For Wood Stoves
"It's an energy meter for your wood stove. It tells the temperature at which your stove is burning so you can take the necessary steps to maintain the best burning conditions," explains Suzanne Hundt, sales correspondent for the Condar Company, manufacturer of the new Chimguard Magnetic Thermometer. It attaches magnetically to the flue pipe and measures surface temperature.
The thermometer face is divided into three zones blue, yellow and red. Blue (up to 200?F) indicates creosote accumulation and smoldering. More fuel should be added or the draft opened. The yellow zone (200 to 400?F) indicates optimum burning temperature. Red (over 400?F) means wasteful overheating. Amount of draft should be reduced.
"Stovetop cooking is also easier with a Chimguard Thermometer," Hundt told FARM SHOW. "Suggested temperature for simmering soup is 300?F, 400?F for frying eggs and 450?F for making toast. The thermometer is also handy for ovens, griddles and outdoor grills."
The Chimguard is made of heat resistant stainless steel, porcelain enamel and nickel-plated fasteners. It's available for $11.95, including shipping.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Condar Company, Box 6, Hiram, Ohio 44234 (ph 216 569-3245).

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