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These Ride-On Toys Keep Kids Busy
We recently spotted an ad featuring Georgetown Sales’ kid-pleasing toys - a wooden pedal cart with horse and a forklift that really works.
The ride-on toys are best-suited for children ages 4 to 12, says David Beiler, owner of Georgetown Sales.
“The horse and cart has pedals and operates like a tricycle,” he explains. “When you pedal, the 4 legs move. What’s really cool is there are actual reins to guide, like steering a real horse.”
Built of wood and powder-coated steel with pneumatic tires, it is suitable for outdoors. Roller chain makes it go forward and backward, and it has a front metal plate that acts as a safety feature to avoid the horse head from hitting anything. The 43-in. long, 44-lb. horse and cart sells for $349 (plus $35 shipping).
The forklift relies on leg power to move and turn.
“It has a swivel caster on the rear end to turn very sharply,” Beiler notes.
The part kids like is turning the crank to raise and lower the forklift mast. With three 6 by 8-in. pallets, they can load and transport all kinds of things to a wagon or shelf. The seat also opens up for storage. The 32-in. long, 24-lb. forklift comes in yellow, orange or stain finishes and sells for $149 (plus $15 shipping.)
“They have been selling well as people find out about them,” Beiler says. “A lot of grandparents buy them for their grandkids - as well as parents.” They are available through the company’s catalog and at stores they supply throughout the U.S.
Beiler adds that sales of the toys support Green Pastures Rest Home in Lebanon, Penn. The toys are made by residents dealing with mental health issues. Call for more information or to order a catalog.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Georgetown Sales LLC, 375 Old Dam Rd., Christiana, Penn. 17509 (ph 888 593-7009).

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