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Compact Grain Vac Goes Where Needed
The Handlair 404 packs big grain vac components into a package small enough to mount in a pickup. Nicknamed the Little Giant, it is easy to maneuver into hard-to-reach places when mounted on a small cart.
“We put one together at a customer’s request and realized there was a need for a small, versatile grain vac,” says Barb Gilberts, Christianson Systems. “It has proven popular with anyone needing grain, feed or seed transfer. Even with large grain leg systems, there is a need to clean up spills and clean out pits, and make short transfers or pulls from one place to another.”
Christianson Systems is a longtime supplier of grain vac systems. Many of the components and concepts from larger systems were used for the Little Giant. It uses the same air infiltration system to filter out dust before it goes through the blower.
The self-contained hydraulic system eliminates the need for a chain drive to run the airlock. This allows the airlock to move either forward or backward should something lodge in the blades.
Like larger systems, the airlock is self-cleaning, with adjustable tips and vented end plates. Worn airlock blades can be adjusted or the tips reversed rather than having to be replaced.
“Discharge options include a regular hose or 2 sizes of cyclones,” says Gilberts. “We have a small one for use with totes or bags and a larger one for truck boxes or bins.”
The Little Giant is available in either electric or gas-powered models. It has a base price of $23,800.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Christianson Systems, P.O. Box 138, Blomkest, Minn. 56216 (ph 320 995-6141; toll free 800 328-8896; sales@christianson.com; www.christianson.com).

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