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“Snirt Stopper” Seals Up Garage Doors Tight
The idea for the “Snirt Stopper” originated in Kosovo when its inventor, Montie Beyer, was deployed there and worked with Kevlar, a tough yet pliable material. After returning home to Minnesota, he found a cross-mesh material used for semi tarps that had traits similar to Kevlar. He decided it would be perfect to tightly seal up leaky garage doors.
“Concrete in winter always moves. On my 16-ft. door, the concrete crowned really bad in the middle and the door faced north so I had snowdrifts inside. This seal adjusts to the gap throughout the winter without freezing to the floor,” Beyer says. “It works on everything from walk-in doors to rollup, hydraulic, bifold and hangar doors.”
Installation is easy - just secure self-tapping screws every 6 in. at the bottom of the door (inside). The bottom flap, which is backed by a 1 1/4-in. closed cell foam backer rod, floats on the floor.
“We use a closed cell foam used for concrete in the ground so it doesn’t shrink, deteriorate or expand,” Beyer says. To accommodate big hangar and bifold doors, he makes Snirt Stopper with four sizes of foam ranging from 1 1/4 to 3-in. dia.
“About 80 percent of sales are ag related,” Beyer says.
The business manufactures 150-ft. rolls of the seal in Osage, Minn., to be cut at any length at $6.95/ft. They also make a seal for the sides of doors for $4.95/ft.
“On a heated building, the bottom and side seals will pay for themselves in energy savings within the first year,” he says.
At the recent Big Iron Farm Show in Fargo, sales were phenomenal, he says, and workers stayed busy cutting seals for farmers.
Snirt Stopper also works to keep out dust, bugs and rodents because the material is infused with a rodent-deterrent scent.
Finally, the door seal has a long life expectancy, 25-30 years on the side seal and 40-50 years on the bottom seal.
Check out the Snirt Stopper website for videos of how to install it and find dealers in your area.
“We are a veteran-owned company and give veterans a discount,” Beyer notes.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Montie Beyer, Snirt Stopper, High Plains Industries, LLC, 53351 State Hwy. 34, Osage, Minn. 56570 (ph 701 809-8133; www.snirtstopper.com).

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