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“Garbage Disposal” Grain Grinder
“We were remodeling our kitchen and were going to replace the 35-year-old garbage disposal. However, instead of throwing the disposal away, I decided to put it to work grinding grain,” says Brian Dickinson, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.
  According to Dickinson, a garbage disposal works great because it breaks down grain into very fine particles. “It comes out looking almost like chicken feed,” he says.
  He removed the discharge pipe from the disposal and then made an 8-in. long tin spout, drilled a hole in it, and bolted it on. The spout directs the ground-up grain into a 5-gal. pail. He wired the disposal to a 120-volt male plug.
  To clean the disposal, he just pours in some water and operates the disposal for a few seconds.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Dickinson, P.O. Box 36, Site 3, RR 2, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada T4T 2A2 (ph 403 845-5259).

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