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Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow Handles Big Loads Better
Alex Lunt has a beast of a wheelbarrow for hauling loads. His BeastBarrow has a second in-line wheel that helps carry heavy loads. The rear wheel is mounted to a patented swivel that makes it easier to push the load around curves rather than lift and tilt. The load remains flat.
“We’ve used BeastBarrows on job sites for years as we developed and refined the design,” says Lunt, a certified residential contractor. “We are still refining it as we seek a manufacturer to partner with or investors to back us.”
The current prototype frame is made with welded, 1-in. Schedule 40 aluminum pipe. The pan is 1/8-in. aluminum with a 1/2-in. solid lip. The wide wheels are rated for 500 lbs. and mounted on 1-in. solid steel axles. The ends of the aluminum pipe arms on the BeastBarrow arc back toward the pan, providing greater control and adapting better to different height users.
“The in-line design lets one wheel follow in the track of the other,” says Lunt. “You can go over a board ramp on a construction site, and the rear wheel follows.”
When not in use and resting on the support legs, the second wheel nests close behind the first. Once the BeastBarrow is loaded, the operator lifts the arms, and the wheel swings down. As the load moves forward, the second wheel moves back and into place under the rear of the pan, allowing the operator to lower the full weight onto the 2 wheels. Once at the unloading point, the operator again lifts the arms, and the wheel swings out of the way so the BeastBarrow can be lowered onto the support legs.
Lunt has sold nearly a dozen of the current prototypes and has a limited number still for sale. They are priced at $699 plus shipping of $200.
“Interested FARM SHOW readers should contact us and ask about our FARM SHOW discount,” says Lunt.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, BeastBarrow, 3726 Homestead Rd., Tallahassee, Fla. 32309 (ph 850 212-0186; founder@beastbarrow.com; www.beastbarrow.com).

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