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Clever Way To Add Weight To Small Tractor
Leonard Seltzer’s 3-pt. weight system consists of a concrete-filled 25-gal. barrel with an embedded drawbar that attaches to the lift arms. He uses it on his Ford model 1715 loader tractor.
The barrel measures 31 in. tall and 14 in. dia. and is filled entirely with concrete, with small rocks and chunks of iron mixed in. A Cat. I toolbar that connects to the lift arms on his tractor extends out either side of the barrel. Before filling the barrel with concrete, Seltzer cut a hole on each side, slightly above the barrel’s center, and slid the toolbar through. Then he filled the barrel with concrete to seal the toolbar in place.
A big I-bolt is embedded in concrete at the top center of the barrel, allowing him to use his front-end loader and chain to move the barrel around.
“Some tractors are famous for being front-end heavy. My homemade weight helps even things out,” says Seltzer. “Total weight of the barrel is about 440 lbs.”   Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Leonard Seltzer, 16040 Manhattan Rd., Manhattan, Ill. 60442 (ph 779 279-5116).

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