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Antique Ford Makes Eye-Catching Wind Vane
“When I was younger I had the same model and I always liked the looks of it,” says Ray Fry about the 1955 Ford Meteor he mounted on a pole outside his front window. Now he, and every passerby on Hwy. 245, east of Stephenfield, Manitoba, can take a look at the car to see which way the wind is blowing.
“I put a fin on the back to make the front face into the wind,” he says, explaining that the bottom of the car is welded to a big truck wheel on a spindle with a sealed bearing so that it can spin. The spindle goes into a post secured in concrete in the ground.
After finding the old Ford, Fry completely gutted it. He fixed up the body and painted it to look like the 1956 Meteor car that he used to own. He used a loader bucket with forks to place it up on the 15-ft. pole.
That was 10 years ago, and the car has been spinning ever since without any maintenance. Others enjoy it, too. Recently a care facility brought people out to look at it, and it’s become a landmark for many. People often stop to take photos.
For Fry, it’s an ideal way to display the Meteor.
“There’s nothing I have to do,” Fry says. “It can be there forever.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ray and Tina Fry, Box 73, Stephenfield, Man. R0G 2R0 Canada (ph 204 828-3650; fryray99@yahoo.ca).

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