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Caddy Carries Ridger, Planter
An oversized caddy lets Paul Pierce, Sullivan, Ill., carry his 3 pt. mounted, 12 row Deere 7100 planter, plus a 500 gal. tank and Hiniker ridging tool.
"It gives me all the advantages of a pull-type planter at the lower cost of a 3 pt. mounted planter. It also lets me use a lighter, cheaper tractor," says Pierce, who pulls the 12-row rig with a Deere 4240.
The caddy features a bridge hitch, made of 8 by 8 in. tubing, and a frame, made of 6 by 6 in. tubing, nestled between four 18.4 by 26 in. diamond tread tires. The two inside tires are on 60 in. centers; the 2 outside ones on 120 in. centers.
Pierce mounted two 3 pt. hitches onto the caddy's rear framełone in front and one in back. The front 3 pt. hitch carries the 12 row ridging tool; the rear 3 pi the planter. A heavy threaded shaft on the front 3 pt. acts as a top link to adjust pitch of the ridge opener units.
The 500 gal. tank is supported by a frame above the caddy. A hydraulic motor, positioned underneath the tank, drives the spray pump. Pierce can either band or broadcast herbicides. Solenoid switches allow him to change spray pat-terns.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Piet ce, Rt. 1, Box 109, Sullivan, Ill. 61951 (ph 217 752-6728).

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