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Winch Lifts Rolls Of Net Wrap Into Deere Balers
“Rolls of net wrap aren’t easy to install in our Deere 467 round baler. They typically weigh about 100 lbs. and have to be lifted 5 ft. off the ground into a storage compartment. I made it a lot easier with a winch-operated lifting device that lets one man load a roll of net wrap in just a few seconds,” says Francis Ehemann, Hattieville, Ark.
“I got the idea because I farm with two brothers, and we’re all in our 70’s. On this baler a door lifts up to install the net wrap roll. There isn’t a lot of room to work.”
The patent pending lift consists of a boat winch welded to a vertical 1 1/4-in. dia. pipe which has a 1-in. dia. pipe running through it to form a pivot. The vertical pipe can be set at 2 different heights by changing the position of a pin. A horizontal steel arm welded on top of the pipe lifts the roll. Cable runs up through a pair of pulleys mounted on the horizontal arm.  
To raise the roll, the operator fastens a chain hook to a pair of plastic handles on the roll, then swings the roll over and uses the winch to lift it up into the baler’s storage compartment.
The entire lift is supported by an angle iron bracket that bolts onto the side of the baler. A 3-in. wide steel arm that’s welded to the bracket pivots on a long bolt, allowing the lift to swing sideways.
A 17-in. length of 1-in. square tubing keeps the lift stable when not in use. The tubing hinges on a short bolt positioned above the angle iron bracket and has a short metal strap welded onto both sides at one end. The operator runs a “keeper pin” through holes drilled into both straps and under the 3-in. wide arm.
“It’s an idea that saves a lot of work. I’m surprised that Deere hasn’t offered anything like this before,” says Ehemann.   
He says the lift will fit any model of Deere round baler made after 2003. “My 467 baler makes a 4 by 6-ft. bale. I haven’t tried it yet on balers that make a 5 by 6-ft. bale, but it should work with some possible modifications needed.
Francis says that if anyone is interested, he’s willing to build additional lift kits and sell them for about $250.       
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Francis Ehemann, 4 Victor Frank Drive, Hattieville, Ark.72063 (ph 501 354-4463; franciseheman@yahoo.com).

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