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Cleanout Bit Works In Wet Clay
Dale McLaen, Rutland, N. Dak.: My home-built posthole cleanout auger, which was featured in FARM SHOW (Vol. 43, No. 3), really came to my rescue this fall. Because of all the rain and snow weve had, the ground is saturated. Its so wet that groundwater was oozing into holes I was boring. I needed to bore 4, 24-in. dia. holes about 40 in. deep. Then I planned to pour cement pads at the bottom to support 16-in. dia. columns for a building project.
I was able to bore the holes without a problem using a standard Bobcat brand auger bit. However, the bottom of each hole was left with about 6 in. of pure, gooey, loose clay. It wasnt suitable for pouring cement.
I got out my cleanout bit and made 3 passes with the tool in less than 2 min. per hole. I really wasnt sure how it would work in heavy clay, but it took longer to move the Bobcat from hole to hole than it did to clean them out. As the neighbor helping me said, We would have spent half the morning cleaning that sticky, yellow clay out if we didnt have this tool. He also added that I would have been the one on my knees, while he leaned against the trailer and watched me work.

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