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Organic Certified Compost Sells Better
If you’re thinking about selling compost, getting organic certification might be a good move. Organic marketing consultant Ron Alexander says there are many reasons to get certified through the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), or similar state-based certification programs.
  “Certification makes it easier to sell to organic farmers,” says Alexander, author of “The Practical Guide to Compost Marketing and Sales”. “A growing number of wholesale buyers and retailers are requesting or requiring it. Having an OMRI Listing can raise product value and assist in product branding.”
  Getting certification depends on feedstocks and the composting process. For example, while yard trimmings, food waste and manure are allowed, biosolids are not. Alexander advises that the listing entity will require a full description of your composting process, as well as details related to pathogen destruction and contaminant content.
  “It’s also important to have processes in place to remove physical contaminants, including biodegradable plastics, before composting or anaerobic digestion,” says Alexander.
  He points to the rapid growth in organic food production as a good reason for certification. An even better reason may be the even faster growth in demand from landscaping and retail sectors.
  Alexander warns that certification can take some time, usually 3 to 6 mos. The cost depends on the size of the company and the number of ingredients in a product.
  “It is important to remember that it is the product, not the composting facility, that is certified. Listing entities may require a site inspection if significant changes are made to either processing or ingredients,” says Alexander.
  For details of what is needed to list a product and maintain certification, contact Alexander.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, R. Alexander Associates, 1212 Eastham Dr., Apex, N.C. 27502 (ph 919 367-8350; Ron@alexassoc.net; www.alexassoc.net)

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