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Farmer-Built Heavy-Duty, Rotating Log Grapple
A Pennsylvania farmer designed and built this inexpensive, heavy-duty log grapple that quick-taches to any skid loader.
    “It’s designed to pick up rocks, big logs, and other awkward loads. It’s built strong so it’ll stand up to a lot of tough use,” says Lamar Reiff.
    The log grapple has a single 30-in. long curved jaw which passes between 2 fixed shanks, spaced about 12 in. apart. A single 3-in. dia., 12-in. long hydraulic cylinder is used to raise or lower the jaw, which swivels up and down on a 1 1/2-in. hardened keyed shaft. It can pick up a 33-in. dia. log, or up to three 10-in. dia. logs at a time.
    The grapple can be swiveled a little more than 180 degrees. The swivel is a 5-in. dia. pipe inside a 6-in. schedule 80 pipe, with a taper that returns the swivel by gravity to the sender position. “The swivel feature is handy when working in close quarters because I can easily pick up one end of a tree and then drag it out of the woods,” says Reiff. “The swivel also makes it perfect for pulling, or setting, fencepost and picking up large rocks.”
    He uses the grapple to stockpile logs for firewood and also to cut the logs to size. “I’m amazed at how well it works,” says Reiff. “I cut my firewood to 16 in. long and the jaw assembly is only 12 in. wide, so I can use the grapple to hold the log up in the air while cutting. It keeps my saw’s chain off the ground and also saves on my back.”
    Reiff says he may manufacture the grapple if there’s enough interest. Expected price is about $1,750.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lamar Reiff, 5079 Churchview Road, New Enterprise, Penn. 16664 (ph 814 766-3342; la-maracres@ibyfax.com).

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