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Double Alternator Boosts Electrical System Power
Retired engineer and pilot Ron Heidebrink has invented a double alternator for use on farm tractors, combines and other vehicles such as trucks, construction equipment and even military vehicles. “A failed alternator diode that costs just a few dollars can put a big engine out of service quickly, but the redundancy of my double alternator provides electrical backup to keep your equipment running.” The device can be used in single and dual battery vehicle systems using the same space and existing mounting hardware.
  Heidebrink says his double alternator is actually two complete alternators in a single housing, using a few common parts. It produces multi-voltage output and works with systems from 60 to 440 amps. It’s a patented design with advanced cooling technology, dual remote status indicators, and anti-vibration control. Made with lightweight aircraft quality material, the double alternator doesn’t add extra weight to the mounting bracket. The device produces high idle amperage, can be controlled by internal or external voltage regulators, and has built-in anti-vibration control for reliability.
His most popular Double Alternator is the 2J with a J180 mounting, used on retired Military MTV and LMTV Vehicles. It’s a 12/24-volt model producing 160 amps at 14.2 volts, and 70 amps at 27.4 volts. It replaces many of the Niehoff, Delco, Prestolite, Ford, Leese Neville, Chrysler and other brand alternators. 
Several of Heidebrink’s models in different voltages for the farm and construction industry include an air filter kit that cleans 97 to 100 percent of the air before it enters the alternator. This extends the life of the alternator and allows it to run up to 100 degrees cooler.
  “Some people are adding dual alternator kits because their vehicle has options such as heating and cooling systems that drain battery power when the vehicle isn’t running and receiving a charge,” Heidebrink says. “Those kits require extra brackets along with a new belt and take up more room than my product, which fits on a regular alternator mounting and provides the same benefits in a simpler and more cost effective way.”
  Over-the-road truckers are also using the double alternator because it allows them to simultaneously charge a 48-volt DC battery and the normal 12 or 24-volt electrical system while the engine is running, then use just the 48-volt system while the rig is parked.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Heidebrink (ph 843 756-7007; www.double-alt.com).

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