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“Handy Ideas For My Loader Tractor”
“Instead of trying to hold onto a log turner and a shovel while operating my tractor, I decided to make a couple of pvc tool holders. Makes it easy to carry various long-handled tools with me anywhere,” says Philip Lawrence, Gordonsville, Tenn. “I started with 3-ft. lengths of 3-in. dia. pvc pipe and glued a cap onto the bottom of each one. Then I drilled small holes through the tractor fenders and U-bolted the pipes on.
    “I wanted an easier way to pound metal fence posts into the ground, so I welded a short length of 2-in. dia. galvanized pipe to the bottom frame that supports my loader-mounted bale spear. My loader tractor has hydraulic downpressure, so I just place the top of the post inside the pipe and use the loader to push it down into the ground.
    “I also came up with an easy way to convert a grab hook chain to a slip hook chain. I just cut off the top 1-ft. section of a slip hook chain and slip the bottom link on the grab hook. It eliminates the need to carry a second chain around.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Philip Lawrence, 118 Stanton Ave., Gordonsville, Tenn. 38563 (ph 615 683-9180).

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