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Nifty Receiver Hitch Supports Crane, Other Tools
Robert McMahon maximized the versatility of his small lift crane with a multi-tube receiver hitch extension. The crane can be mounted to a receiver tube directly behind his truck bed or at 45-degree angles to either side. Outrigger jacks on the crane make it easy to level and stabilize it when lifting.
  “Mounting a receiver hitch shank to the base of the crane makes it easy to use any place I need to load heavy objects,” says McMahon. “When not needed on the truck, I mount the crane to a receiver hitch on a box in my shop yard and use it as a stationary crane.”
  A hobbyist blacksmith, McMahon gets lots of use from the receiver hitch crane and the 3-way receiver hitch. He can pull into a blacksmithing event and mount multiple ironworking tools to his truck hitch at the same time.
  The multiple point receiver hitch extension actually contains 5 receiving tubes. One in the center attaches to McMahon’s truck’s receiver hitch with a connecting shank. A second one extends to the rear opposite the first. In addition, each of the angled receiving tubes is welded over the top of receiver tubes that are perpendicular to either side of the center tubes.
  “I can set it up as a stand-alone work area apart from my truck, and it will support 5 different tools,” says McMahon.
  McMahon gives the crane and other tools more stability by welding 3/4-in. nuts over holes drilled in the tubes. “I can jam a 2 by 2-in. shank with a bolt screwed through the nut, to remove any wiggle or play,” he explains.
  McMahon uses receiver hitch tubes in his shop as well. Mounted to building support posts, the receiver tubes are handy places to store and use the same tools he takes to events.
  “I don’t have floor space in my shop to dedicate to benders, ring rollers or vises,” says McMahon. “Plus, some jobs are too big for the shop. The hitch unit gives me more flexibility.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert McMahon, P.O. Box 7008, Knoxville, Tenn. 37921 (ph 865 690-7783; robbo2871@gmail.com).

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