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Cigar Tube Parts Storage
“Over the years I’ve had trouble keeping small parts separated and organized, especially those tiny screws, drill bits and special parts that disappear when thrown into a drawer. My liking for cigars fixed that problem. Now I use aluminum cigar tubes to organize and store about anything that will fit in them,” says Al Cavasin, Concord, Mich.
  Cavasin uses a Sharpie permanent marker to write the contents on the side of the tube, or a Brother label maker. “I group the parts in jars, cans, boxes or drawers according to what’s stored in them. That way the parts are always there when I come back to the project,” says Cavasin.
  He says cigar tubes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations. “Some have rounded tops, some have flat tops, and some come to a blunt point at both ends. So I have different kinds of tubes laying all over my house and shop.”
  The photo shows an 8 by 2 1/2-in. cigar tube labeled “Kreg” laying on a workbench, with several other kinds of tubes stored in a nearby cup. “The Kreg is a jig that I often use to drill angular holes in the end of a board so it can be screwed to another board,” says Cavasin. “Special screws with an extra wide flat shoulder have to be used so you don’t split the wood. You don’t want to throw these screws in with a bunch of other screws, unless you like digging for screws.”
  He also uses the tubes to store other small metal parts, including tiny drill bits. “If I try to keep these tiny bits with other size bits they always get lost, or they get stuck in the mortises at the bottom of a drawer. Then I can never get them out,” notes Cavasin.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Al Cavasin, 13997 Cornell Rd., Concord, Mich. 49237 (ph 517 524-6228; acavasin@frontiernet.net).

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