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Square Bale Spinner Feeds Bales Fast
The Square Spinner flakes off big square bales fast without chewing them up. The 3-pt. hitch-mounted unit lets one operator pick up a big square bale, carry it to the herd, and feed it out.
  We built the first one for our own use, says Tanner Matheson, Square Bale Spinner. It turned out to be something our friends and neighbors needed, too. We ended up with a product to sell.
  The design is simple with only a few moving parts. The hydraulic cylinder on the center link can be extended to lay the large, angle iron skids flat on the ground. To load a bale, simply back them under the bale and lift. With the bale resting against the front posts, steel pegs on rotating drums on the posts grab at the flakes. The hydraulic motor powered drums tear the hay loose to drop on the ground. The drums can rotate toward each other or be reversed, with speed controlled by the operator in the cab.
  It feeds the hay off the front of the bale a flake at a time, or as fast as you wish, explains Matheson. It can spin off an entire bale in as little as 10 seconds. However, the standard operation is to turn it on and off to regulate how fast the bale is fed out.
  Matheson gets the parts fabricated locally and then assembles each Square Spinner. As little as 65 hp. is needed to power a Spinner. It can be used with anything that can be put in a bale, from dry grass or alfalfa hay to sorghum, sudangrass or corn stalks.
  Even loaded with a bale in the upright position, the tractor can still pull a feed wagon or sled. One size fits all as the Square Spinner works equally well with 3 by 3, 3 by 4 and 4 by 4 large square bales.
  We have them priced at $9,800 plus shipping, says Matheson. Its low maintenance. All you have to do is grease the bearings.
  Matheson reports the Square Spinner is especially superior to a processor for feeding out bales on deep snow or over varying terrain. Carry one or more bales on a front end loader and reload the spinner in the field as needed.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Square Bale Spinner, P.O. Box 729, Kremmling, Colo. 80450 (ph 970 531-8294; sbsllc16@gmail.com; www.squarespinner.com).

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