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Splash Guard For Pressure Washer Wands
This new “Splash Guard” fits onto pressure washer wands to protect you and the surrounding area from splash back.
  Made from heavy-duty plastic, it consists of an 8-in. dia. bowl-shaped disc that looks like a Frisbee with a small hole in the middle. You remove the nozzle from the end of the wand, then slide the disc up onto the wand and reinstall the nozzle.
  “It keeps 95 percent of the splash back from coming back into your face. Works great for cleaning corners and edges,” says inventor Brian Thiessen, Blue Ridge Enterprises, Steinbach, Manitoba. “It’s especially useful on commercial high pressure washers equipped with ‘dirt blaster’ pulsating nozzles, which create a lot of splash back. The disc fits loosely on the wand, so if you have to clean in a narrow spot you can slide the Splash Guard farther up the wand and still reach in.”
  Splash Guard retails for $5 plus S&H. Available only from dealers. Contact the company to find your nearest dealer.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Blue Ridge Enterprises, A-40073 Hwy. 12 N., Steinbach, Manitoba Canada R0A 0C1 (ph 204 346-2457; bthiess@mts.net; www.blueridgeenterprises.com).

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