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Tool Preps Mole Tunnels For Trapping
Bob Jameson increases his mole trapping success rate when he uses his Mole Tunnel Pilot (MTP). The lightweight tool he designed and developed enlarges and firms up the tunnel, preparing it for his favorite trap, the Trapline Mole Trap. The professional wildlife control specialist says the combination of trap and MTP is deadly for moles.
  “I used a wooden device for years as there was nothing else out there to firm up tunnels,” says Jameson. “The MTP eliminates any interference with rocks, obstacles or loose dirt. It makes it easier to place the trap in the tunnel.”
  The L-shaped MTP has a long leg that matches the size and shape of the Trapline trap. It is inserted into the tunnel end until the short leg abuts the end of the tunnel. Hand pressure on the surface compresses the dirt around the MTP, leaving a throat for the mole entering the trap. The process is then repeated on the other open tunnel end. Once traps are inserted, sod is replaced.
  “The MTP lets you set the trap upright or upside down,” says Jameson.
  At first he treated the tool as his own trade secret. Soon, however, others began asking for it. He looked into making one from stainless steel, but settled on aluminum. He finally introduced it about a year ago. It is priced at $59.00 plus shipping.
  “Students of mine started talking to people online about it, and suddenly, we couldn’t supply them fast enough,” says Jameson, who also produces and sells a line of attractants. “It’s been hard to keep up with demand. I didn’t realize there were so many people with interest in trapping moles.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Wildlife Pest Control Services, 24 Birch Rd., Daisytown, Penn. 15427 (ph 724 938-2002 or 724 323-2000; wcs@zoominternet.net; www.jamesonsultrablend.com).

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