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Machine Clears Ditches Fast
You can clear out silted-in ditches fast with the Ditch Doctor. No need to dig, drain, haul and spread. Second-generation drainage professional Adam Fisher first thought of the concept while working with his dad as a teenager.
  “We were draining a field with a dragline, and I asked him what would happen when it filled back up,” recalls Fisher. “He said that we’d dig it out the same. That didn’t make sense to me. When I started my own business, I started working on a one-step prototype. As I used it, I reinvested the money earned to refine it.”
  A few years ago, Fisher decided his concept was ready to go commercial.    The 2,250-lb. Ditch Doctor mounts to the arm of a 13 to 22-ton excavator. A minimum of 37 gpm at 4,700 psi hydraulic system is recommended to drive the motor on the impellers.
  As the operator moves the head forward through the ditch, water, silt, soil and even small rocks are pushed back into the reach of high-speed impellers. The head has a round bottom, leaving a concave surface behind.
  “The head can be submerged in up to 3 ft. of water, but the spin of the impellers will still blow material out of the chute,” explains Fisher. “It can throw materials up to 120 ft. across a field in self-leveling deposits. There are no spoils piled alongside the ditch that have to be spread or hauled away.”
  The scroll case that holds the impellers is rugged enough that it can be used like a shovel to move material even if the impellers aren’t running. Fisher has designed the head to work with multiple scroll casings and other components.
  “I had interest from western Canada, where they have to deal with dry conditions,” says Fisher. “I redesigned the head with removable components so it can handle either wet or dry conditions.”
  The Ditch Doctor has a base price of $37,500 (Canadian) with extra scroll cases priced at $15,000 each.
  The Ditch Doctor can be purchased direct from Fisher while he develops distribution networks for the machine.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ditch Doctor Atlantic, Ltd., 2896 Hwy #4, Glenholme, N.S. Canada B0M 1G0 (ph 902 662-2234; info@ditchdoctor.ca; www.ditchdoctor.ca).

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