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Revolving Clothesline
A home-built 24-ft. dia. revolving clothes-line makes it easy for Noah Zimmerman's wife to air-dry all the wash from their 10-member family.
The Leola, Penn., resident wanted to put up a clothesline that his wife could reach from their deck. At first he considered a pulley line but the problem with a pulley line is that what you put up rust you take down last so it wastes time. The revolving clothesline makes it possible to take down any clothes at anytime.
The system consists of a large spoked wheel that revolves around a wooden telephone-type pole. The spokes are made out of 12-ft. lengths of galvanized water pipe that attach to a round metal wheel at center. The wheel is fitted with casters that allow the wheel to revolve freely around the pole. A double line of plastic-coated steel cable runs around the outside circumference of the spokes and steel cables run from the end of each spoke up to a wheel rim and spindle mounted on top of the post. The top-mounted rim spins freely.
"It turns so easily that when the wind blows it spins the entire clothesline around, helping clothes to dry," says Mrs. Zimmer-man, noting that because she puts clothes on the line from an elevated deck, clothes hang far enough off the ground so that they don't interfere with anyone walking underneath.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Noah Zimmerman, 293 Brethren Church Rd., Leola, Penn. 17540 (ph 717 656-7868).

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