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Hydraulic Unlock Tool For Skid Loaders, Tractors
“Our new hydraulic unlock tool for skid loaders is designed to snap onto the male or female end of a hose that’s under pressure. It lets you quickly relieve the pressure for easy hose hook-up by just turning a screw,” says Steve Boling, Boling Machine Shop, Lentner, Mo.
    The tool makes use of a center screw with a roll pin. A male hose coupler hooks up to one end and a female coupler to the other. Turning the roll pin one way causes the screw to push against the plunger inside the coupler, which opens a valve to relieve pressure on the hose.
    According to Boling, thermal expansion in hydraulic hoses is a particularly big problem during hot summer weather, especially if the hose is exposed to sunlight which can cause the oil to expand. “When enough pressure builds up inside the hose you can’t hook it up to the tractor. The only solution is to hit the end of the hose with a hammer, or unscrew the hose end to relieve the pressure.”
    Hooking up auxiliary equipment to a skid loader requires two hoses, one male and the other female, and the unlock tool is designed accordingly, says Boling. “We also offer a different model for Pioneer hose ends, which are designed for tractors where only a male hose is required.”
    Each hydraulic unlock tool model sells for $49 plus S&H.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Boling Machine Shop, 2357 Shelby 418, Lentner, Mo. 63450 (ph 660 699-3717; bolingmachine@gmail.com; www.bolingmachine.com).

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