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“Calf Catcher” Makes Branding Easier
“Our new calf-catching fork makes catching calves a faster and easier job. It’s safe for the calves and takes the work out of branding,” says Kyle Carhart, Dove Creek, Colo.
  The “Calf Catcher” is an adjustable metal device that holds the front end of the calf so it can easily be rolled and handled. It fits behind the head of a calf, to help hold it still while a ground crew works.
  The unit consists of 2 hinged pieces connected to a short handle. The hoop-shaped piece on top is designed to fold out and go over the animal’s head. A rope and inner tube is tied to the handle.
  To use the Calf Catcher, a mounted rider heels the calf, then drags it past the ground crew where one of the members slips the hoop-shaped piece behind the calf’s head. As the heeler continues to drag the calf, the rope and inner tube is staked into the ground (if the mounted rider pulls too hard, the inner tube will take up some of the slack). Once the rope and inner tube are tight, the heeler quits dragging but continues to hold the rope as the calf is worked on.
  “The Calf Catcher makes branding go faster because it eliminates the need to bind the animal’s front legs. Once it’s on the animal, the animal is stretched out and totally helpless,” says Carhart. “We developed it a few years ago for use on our own ranch. Local ranchers helped us test it, and we’ve continued to make slight adjustments until now we think it works perfect in every way,” says Carhart. 
  The Calf Catcher sells for $100 plus S&H. It comes with the inner tube and stake. The customer supplies the rope. Watch the Calf Catcher in action on www.farmshow.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kyle Carhart, 8984 Road 6.8 Loop, Dove Creek, Colo. 81324 (ph 970 560-5770; kcarhart1@yahoo.com; www.mycalfcatcher.com).

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