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All-New Allis G-Style Tractors
Venture Products - manufacturer of the Ventrac all-wheel-drive compact tractor - will be introducing a new mid-mount Allis G-style tractor in 2019. Implements for the tractor - and existing Allis G’s - are coming out first.
  “There has been a void of new equipment for small farmers,” says Dustin Steiner, Venture Products, Inc. “As we started developing the Tilmor tractor, we understood the need for tools to fit it.”  
  The first implements being introduced this winter include a basket weeder, finger weeders, and flex-tine mounts for rectangular and round shaft tools. Soon to be introduced items include a modular rotary hoe, parallel cultivators and, later this summer, a mechanical plastic mulch lifter.
  The company’s new Tilmor tractor is designed with a 2-in. steel tube frame. Mounting implements is just a matter of fitting U-bolts over the frame.
  To use the Tilmor implements, owners of old G’s and similar style tractors will have 2 options. One is to buy the Tilmor 2-in. square toolbar and mount it to their tractor. The other option is to buy mounts and use 2-in. square tubing already available on the farm.
  One advantage that won’t be available to the owners of other mid-mount tractors is the hitch design and helper hoist on the Tilmor.
  The new tractor will have an offset 3-pt. hitch. Steiner says it addresses a common problem with mid-mount tractors.
  “Changing tools can be a challenge,” he says. “We found a lot of owners of Allis G’s had multiple tractors, each configured with a different implement to avoid having to change attachments.”
  Tilmor owners will use a hoist on a swinging boom attached to the frame. Simply swing the boom out, pick up the attachment and swing it into place.
  “Put the pins in the hitch, and it’s ready to go,” says Steiner.
  Although the Tilmor tractor is about the same length as the Allis G and most other mid-mount tractors, the space for mounting implements is about 20 in. larger.
  “One of the challenges with mid-mount implements is lack of space under the belly,” says Steiner. “The implements aren’t larger, but the Tilmor will have more room for them. Not only is the belly 20 in. longer, but it has more clearance as well, about 37 to 38 in. to the bottom of the mid-mount frame.”
  Unlike other recently introduced mid-mount style tractors with hydrostatic transmissions, the Tilmor will have a mechanical transmission. Steiner says the mechanical transmission is important for the global market, but also for the domestic one.
  “Mechanical transmissions are more robust,” he says. “Maintaining a consistent ground speed, such as needed for transplanting, can be harder with hydrostatics. With a mechanical, just put it in first or second, adjust the rpm’s and speed will be consistent.”
  The new tractor is going through final field tests with production planned to start this fall for early 2019 delivery.
  “People who are interested can get their name on the list now,” says Steiner. “We are still finalizing some components, but expect the price will be in the $20,000 range.”
  To see the Tilmor tractor in action as well as implements that are available and those still under development, go to FARMSHOW.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tilmor by Venture Products, Inc., 500 Venture Dr., Orrville, Ohio 44667 (ph 330 682-0964; toll free 844 255-5864; info@tilmor.com; www.tilmor.com).

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