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3-Rake Hitch Corrects 2-Rake Problem
Adding a third rake to a two-rake hitch lets Glen L. Phelps, North Platte, Neb., do a better job raking in less time.
"We mow all our hay with 9-ft. mowers and have had two side delivery rakes mounted on a standard hitch for quite some time. The problem was that the windrow they made had an area underneath that was not disturbed when raking and our baler would not pick up cleanly there. That meant we had to scatter rake the whole field.
"The third rake added to the rear of the rake hitch flips the entire windrow, solving the problem. And because of the way it throws hay to the side, I can go back through again - in light hay or alfalfa - and throw two windrows together.
"I built the rear `rainbow' hitch out of old pipe we had around the place and took a caster wheel off a junked swather to put at the rear to support the weight of the third rake hitch. We also added dolly wheels and a short tongue to the rear rake. We've used the hitch three years with only minor revisions. It's so simple that anyone with a shop and some welding ability could duplicate it. I also added extensions to each side of the regular hitch so that I now can rake 24 ft. on each pass."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glen L. Phelps, HC1 35, Box 150, North Platte, Neb.. 69101 (ph 308 532-0229).

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