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Bean Saver For Deere Flex Heads
If you’re not satisfied with the job done by the flex header on your Deere combine, you’ll be interested in Lankota’s new bean saver brush kit. It’s designed for Deere Flex heads equipped with auger platforms.
  The bean saver kit fits all Deere 200, 900, and 600 Series Flex and rigid platform heads. It comes in 5-ft. sections, connects with powerful magnets, and can be applied to the entire length of the head. Each section is fitted with 8 round magnets that attach to the top and back side of a steel support beam on back of the auger platform.
  According to the company, the brushes greatly reduce the amount of beans thrown out of the head by the auger. The 5-ft. brush sections allow you to customize the amount of coverage desired, whether that be one or two sections to cover the feederhouse or 6 total sections to cover a 30-ft. head.
  “As far as I know this is the first bean saver brush kit designed for flex heads, and the magnet design makes it possible,” says Rob. “Each magnet has 112 lbs. of pulling weight, and as a result no bolts are required for installation. The brush sections can be easily removed and installed on a different flex head, or even on a corn head or a pickup head for small grains.”
  Sells for $475 plus S&H.
  The company also has a bean saver brush kit for Deere Flex Draper heads. It has 2 separate brushes to help reduce bean loss. The top brush sits right above the drum and helps prevent beans from getting thrown out of the head from excessive drum speeds. The bottom brush slightly overhangs the center draper belt and helps prevent beans from getting thrown out the front of the head by the center belt, especially when finishing a pass and raising the head off the ground.
  Sells for $625 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lankota, 270 West Park Ave., Huron, S. Dak. 57350 (ph 866 526-5682 or 605 352-4550; ext. 1049; Robbie@lankota.com; www.lankota.com).

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