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Air System Captures “Lost” Grain
“There’s virtually no field loss using Geringhoff’s new Integrated Air System option on a TruFlex Razor draper head,” says Joel Dennis, marketing manager for the company. “We tested this header side-by-side in 2017 with a competitor and performance was outstanding. In some instances, we ran across terraced fields after the other header had harvested and were able to cut the stubble shorter and gain extra bushels per acre.”
   Dennis says the key to the new header’s efficiency is a stream of air flowing across the cutterbar that carries seed to the draper belt and into the harvester. A distribution tube that extends across the back of the header platform feeds air into smaller tubes reaching the sickles. “The system captures grain that might otherwise fall to the ground,” Dennis says. He adds that “the 35 or 40-ft. models are different from all other drapers because they have a flexible frame, a flexible cutter bar, and a flexible reel that allows them to follow uneven terrain, including terraces.”
  The cutting bar can flex 12 in. up or down across the full width of the header for ground-hugging cuts that capture lodged and small-seeded crops. Header height control allows each frame section to follow contours independently. The operator can also lock both the cutterbar and frame or any combination in a rigid position within minutes.
  Dennis says the hydraulic center knife drive on the TruFlex balances its weight and reduces the end panel width, allowing the Razor to slice cleanly through the crop. “This header is really an outstanding way to capture all of the grain in a field, including over-ripe fields where shattering can be a problem,” Dennis adds.
  The header is recommended for Class 6 or larger combines and fits any of those models currently on the market. Contact a Geringhoff dealer for pricing and availability.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Geringhoff, 3405 Energy Drive, St. Cloud, Minn. 56304 (www.geringhoff.com).

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