1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5, Page #31
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Stringless Cutter for Weed Trimmers

New for gas-operated weed trimmers is Weed Wizzard, a "stringless" cutting attachment that uses two lengths of free-swinging chain saw type chain to cut through weeds, briars, grass and problem vegitation.
"It's maintenance free ù doesn't have to be sharpened or oiled," says Jeff Mounce, marketing director. "And, it eliminates the need to buy replacement string."
The device cuts a 9.5 in.wide swath. Its center hub (4in. dia. and 1 in. thick) is made of polyurethane with a plated steel center attachment nut. Sizes available to fit most gas-operated weed trimmers, says Mounce.
Sells for $21.95, plus $1.50 for postage.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Weed Wizard Inc., P.O. Box 275, Hwy. 12 East, Dahlongega, Ga. 30533 (ph 404 864-4747).

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1987 - Volume #11, Issue #5