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Hinge Kit Hangs Heavy Gates Fast
The E-Z Hinge is just that when it comes to hanging heavy farm gates. Forget about drilling holes and leveling awkward gates. Just attach the E-Z Hinge brackets to the post, slip the gates J-bolt into the bracket, level and tighten. The design grew out of frustration with traditional methods.
  I watched a neighbor try to hang a steel gate on an old oil well pipe post, recalls Wayne Tegtmeier. It was a mess as they torched holes in the pipe, only to discover it was corroded inside. Later while hanging one myself on a pipe post, I realized that after drilling holes in the schedule 80 pipe, there wasnt much left of the post.
  Believing there had to be a better way, Tegtmeier figured one out. He eliminated drilling and welding by using brackets instead. Brackets are made out of heavy, 1/2-in. thick steel plate and schedule 40 steel pipe.
  All that is needed to mount a gate is a tape measure, a 9/16-in. socket wrench, and a crescent wrench. A marker for hinge locations helps. A ribbed steel bar inside the bracket bites into the J-bolt.
  Its completely adjustable when putting it together, but once Ive installed one, Ive never had to adjust it again, he says. I can hang a 16-ft. gate by myself in just 7 or 8 min.
  The idea was so simple and prototypes worked so well that Tegtmeier got it patented. He is now selling the E-Z Hinges in regional farm stores, on eBay and from his website. Currently, they are not shipped outside the U.S.
  It comes in 6 different sizes and sells for $28 to $32 per pair including shipping, says Tegtmeier.
  The brackets are sized by the outside diameter of the post the gate will hang from. They are sized for 2, 2 1/2, 3, 3 1/2, 4 and 4 1/2-in. outside diameter steel pipe posts.
  Check out a video of the E-Z at FARMSHOW.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, E-Z Hinge, 3630 Hwy. O, Humansville, Mo. 65674 (ph 417 296-5599; ezhingefarmgate@gmail.com; www.ezhingefarmgate.com).

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