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How He Builds Shelves Between Studs In His Farm Shop
The picture and brief blurb you ran in a recent issue (Vol. 41, No.3), about how I build shelves between studs in my farm shop, left out key information.
  Building shelves like this is not a new idea. But the way I did it was new.
  In the past when I built shelves between studs, I installed individual support blocks under each shelf. This made it difficult to make neat, level shelving.
  This time, I cut plywood into a bunch of 3 1/2-in. wide strips, 7 3/4 in. long (the distance I wanted between shelves). Then, starting at the floor, I nailed a strip to the stud on each side and then placed the first shelf also cut from plywood over the top. Then I nailed two more pieces of plywood to each side, pushing them down tightly to hold the shelf in place, and then laid a shelf piece on top of them. I continued this process up to the top of the wall. Works great and looks very neat. (Herman Kiefer, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada)

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