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Simple Sheep & Goat Equipment
“When we started raising goats there wasn’t a lot of equipment in our area to choose from. So my dad and I made our own feeders for both goats and sheep,” says Darren de Jong, Kitscoty, Alberta.
  “We built them cheap. But the real benefit is their modular design,” says de Jong. “You can easily take any of these products apart to haul in your pickup.”
  Bale Feeder: It’s made entirely from 3/8-in. dia. rebar and consists of a series of 3 1/2-ft. high by 5-ft. long hinged panels, weighing just 30 lbs. each. A metal rod drops through hinges on both sides of the panels to lock them together. To load a bale you just fold a panel or two outward.
  The feed-through rebars are set at an angle and spaced 6 in. apart, “so the animal is less likely to have to deal with crowding and can stick its head all the way in between the bars.”
  Grain Feeder: Made from 1 by 6 lumber and rebar, the 6 or 12-ft. long grain feeders look like large planter boxes and are suspended off the ground by a pair of welded-together rebar frames that serve as leg stands. Extra wide bases on the frames help keep animals from tipping the feeder over.
  Milking Stand: The milking stand (not shown) can also be used for trimming and grooming. It measures 2 ft. wide by 4 ft. long and has an expanded metal floor elevated.    A set of 5 bale feeder panels sells for $400 (Canadian). Grain feeder leg stands sell for $20 per pair. The milk stand sells for $250.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Darren de Jong, P.O. Box 493, Kitscoty, Alberta Canada T0B 2P0 (ph 780 214-2354; darren.dejong@hotmail.com).

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