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Chopsaw Blade Fitted To Bench Grinder
Herman Vander Vos doubles the life of his chopsaw blades with a shop-built saw. The 14-in. dia., carborundum metal cutting blades on his heavy-duty chopsaw have to be replaced when they wear down to 8 in. Now he puts them back to work.
  “I used a mandrel on an old belt-drive emery wheel as a mount for a worn down blade,” says Vander Vos. “After removing the emery wheel from the mandrel, I mounted the motor and pulley on a 2 by 12-in. board.”
  The worn down blade has a 1-in. center hole that has to be reduced to 1/2 in. to fit the mandrel. Vander Vos uses a 1/2 in. bit to enlarge the center of a pair of 1-in. dia. washers. He slips the washers into the center hole of the blade and mounts it to the mandrel.
  “The washers fit snugly and keep the blade perfectly balanced on the mandrel,” says Vander Vos.
  He uses a couple of short 2 by 4’s as a rest for the metal being cut. They have a channel cut part way through them just large enough to admit the free-turning blade.
  Vander Vos notes that the mandrel speed should be over 3,500 rpm’s. “It makes an excellent cutting tool,” says Vander Vos. “It gets more mileage out of a blade and sure beats using a hacksaw on small jobs.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Herman Vander Vos, 7034 Nash Rd., Bozeman, Mont. 59715 (ph 406 587-0271).

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