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Make Your Own Paint Can Shaker
“I got tired of wearing out my arm stirring paint cans. So I came up with an automatic paint can shaker that saves a lot of time and hassle,” says William Hettler, Federalsburg, Md.
    A 1/3 hp electric motor belt-drives a right angle gearbox to reduce the speed. Hettler cut a groove next to the hub of a small pulley on the gearbox and welded in a vertical bolt, on which he installed an idler pulley with ball bearings. He bolted a metal plate on top of the idler pulley and then bolted a pitman arm to the plate.
    The pitman arm pushes and pulls a home-built metal basket that’s sized to hold a 1-gal. paint can. The basket is welded to a pair of heavy duty hinges that pin onto the end of the pitman arm.
    “It works great. I made it last spring and have already used it a lot,” says Hettler. “The pitman arm pivots back and forth on the idler pulley, which causes the basket to rock back and forth about 2 in. I used light duty angle iron to make the basket and use a bungie cord to hold the paint can in place. The whole assembly mounts on a board that’s easy to move around.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, William Hettler, 5816 Davis Mill Pond Rd., Federalsburg, Md. 21632 (ph 410 754-0005).

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