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How To Set Up Your Own Private Phone System
If you want to ensure privacy when talking to family members or co-workers on the farm, talk to Tom Baugh. He can fix you up with everything you need to set up your own self-contained, private phone system.
  “You can wire a phone system between buildings or neighbors if you wish,” says Baugh. “I’ve even had customers set them up between a hunting cabin and tree stands.”
  Baugh explains that phone company systems operate around a central exchange system. He offers a control base with a battery and one or more ringers to be used with standard landline phone handsets.
  “The host module provides the power and generates the calls,” says Baugh. “It can work across quarter mile distances with the battery charged by solar panels, wall outlets or other sources. The ring interface module lets you connect any handset to the other end of the line.”
  The host module sells for $79. A starter package includes the host module, ring module, battery and one handset for $149. This would allow a conversation between 2 wired points. However, up to 4 ringers at $12 each can be tied into that system. Low cost off-the-shelf phones can be used with the ringers.
  Baugh says the system is simple to install and even simpler to use.
  “We’ve had interest from mining companies for mine rescue as well as people who want to live off grid,” says Baugh. “Options include setting up the ringers with flashing lights and quiet buzzers. It offers a very simple ring through. Just pick it up and talk.”
  Check out a video of the system at FARMSHOW.com.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, SoftBaugh, Inc., P.O. Box 535, Hagan, Ga. 30429 (ph 912 557-3472; info@softbaugh.com; www.softbaugh.com).

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