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Automatic Outdoor Cat Feeder
Herbie Fromelt, Royalton, Minn., came up with an automatic outdoor cat feeder that allows his family to leave the family’s 3 cats for days, and eliminates the need to feed the cats when they’re home. It plugs into an electronic timer connected to a small electric motor.
  “It’s raccoon-proof. They can’t get food out of it and they can’t damage it,” says Fromelt. “I built it because I couldn’t find an outdoor model with enough capacity for 3 cats for several days. It holds enough food for one feeding a day for almost 3 weeks. When the cats hear the motor start up, they come running.”
  The food is stored in a discarded fiberglass insecticide hopper off an old corn planter, which mounts on an angle iron stand. An electric motor shaft-drives an impeller at the bottom of the hopper, allowing the food to drop into an attached 20-in. long, 4-in. dia. plastic tube off a Toro leaf blower-vac. The food falls into a tray on the floor.
  The electronic timer releases the food at the same time every day. Fromelt built a wood box for the timer and installed a 15-watt light bulb inside it to keep the timer from freezing. “I lined the inside of the box with metal to make it fire-proof,” he says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Herbie Fromelt, 5943 Imperial Rd., Royalton, Minn. 56373 (ph 320 584-8029).

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