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“No Sweat” Corrugated Fiber Cement Panel Roofing
A unique new roofing product from Europe was on display at the recent Farm Fest show near Redwood Falls, Minn.
  Cembrit, a Danish company with more than 80 years experience manufacturing high density fiber cement (HDFC) corrugated roofing sheets, is launching their unique roofing concept to the U.S. agricultural market. It’s sold in 4 by 8-ft. sheets that overlap and are installed with self-tapping screws.
  The HDFC sheets, known as Cemsix, are said to take advantage of the material’s natural ability to wick moisture from the inside to the outside, improving the indoor environment for livestock and minimizing the humidity level inside the building. The material also absorbs sound so the barn stays quieter, and can’t rust like steel corrugated roofing. In addition, the material’s large 2-in. corrugations can handle heavier amounts of rain and snow.
  “We haven’t sold Cemsix to any farmers yet, but it has sold well for use on commercial buildings and we’re confident that farmers will benefit from its advantages. We just need someone to be the first to try it,” says Mark Heuchert, market development manager. “We think it’s crazy that until now there has been only one roofing choice – galvanized metal - for farmers putting up livestock buildings.
  “A lot of hog and dairy farmers with confinement barns have problems with the metal rusting due to condensation, or the building is too humid or too loud. You won’t have those problems with Cemsix.”
  Because Cemsix eliminates condensation, it also eliminates the need for insulation, says Heuchert. “The material absorbs up to 15 percent of its weight in water, and as the water starts to get absorbed it immediately goes to the dry, top side where it evaporates. In effect it sucks water from inside to the top of the barn.”
  He says HDFC is comparable in cost to metal roofing with insulation. “However, the product weighs more per square foot so to support the extra weight you may have to add more trusses to the building.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mark Heuchert, Cembrit, 15 Metro Tech Center, 19th Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201 (ph 866 370-1003; mark.heuchert@cembrit.com; www.Cembrit.us or www.facebook.com/cembritroofingusa).

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