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Bed Sheet Seals Pickup Tailgate
Need a simple way to stop corn and other loose material from trickling out of the gaps between your pickup box and tailgate? I use an old fitted bed sheet. Slip it over the corners of the tailgate and tuck the excess material between the pickup bed and the tailgate before closing it.
    The top side of the sheet flops a little when driving, but the elastic corners stay on the tailgate when the pickup box is loaded.
    When unloading, leave the sheet on the tailgate to catch the remaining corn, gravel, or whatever you’re handling and then simply pull it off once you’re mostly unloaded.
    I keep a sheet under the back seat of my pickup so I’m ready any time I need to haul loose material.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dee Goerge (dee_goerge@yahoo.com).

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