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New Two In One Grain Bin Auger
"You get two augers for the price of one," says Tom Sullivan, inventor of the new Uni-Auger, a first-of-its kind system that gives you a basic 34-ft. truck loading auger and the equivalent of a long transport auger for about the same price as a conventional transport auger alone.
The Uni-Auger consists of the basic auger that can be used for most any transfer job around the farm, and auger "stubs", ranging in length up to 35 ft. which are mounted permanently on grain bin roofs. To fill bins, the ground auger simply locks into the roof stub by butting up against it. A cable operated from ground level locks the two together.
"With this system, you never have to wrestle with an auger larger than 34 ft.," says Sullivan. "Also, rather than buying both a long transport auger and a shorter utility auger and using both for only part of the year, you can use the new Uni-Auger for the entire year."
Sullivan says the Uni-Auger can be used on 2 or 3-bin installations for about the same cost as a single long auger, depending on the size of the bins or buildings to be outfitted with roof augers. The one basic unit services bin diameters up to 36-ft., and with eave heights up to 24-ft. Power is transferred from the ground system so no separate power supply is needed on the bins. Each auger is capped when not in use. Sullivan notes that the system also eliminates the storage problem of larger, longer transport augers.
The system readily adapts to bins of varying size. "You can have a 13-ft. stub on one bin and a 21-ft. stub on asecond bin and handle each with the same basic ground unit," explains Sullivan.
The Uni-Auger is currently available in the 8-in. dia. but there are plans to introduce a 10-in. version in the near future. "Larger diameter augers will make the system even more cost effective so that it compares favorably for farmers with as many as 4 to 5 bins. Also, one big advantage of the system is the flexibility it gives dealers in keeping their inventory down rather than having to stock so many different lengths of augers," Sullivan points out.
The roof augers come with standard mounts to fit any type bin. If needed, roof stubs can be removed for use with the basic auger on other jobs.
An 8-in. by 61-ft. pto-driven auger and stub (34 ft. base and 27 ft. stub) sells for $2,750.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tom Sullivan, Unimark Industries, P.O. Box 5119, Youngstown, Ohio 44514 (ph 216 757-8670 or 216 544-8748).

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