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“Slow” Feeder Good For Mare
Heather Smith Thomas, Salmon, Idaho: “I have a mare that eats her hay quickly and then wants to chew on fences or reach over or through them to try to get to some grass. If I feed her more hay she gets too fat.
    “I decided to try a ‘slow’ feeder, to make her eat the proper amount of hay more slowly so it would last longer through the morning and evening after her twice-daily feeding.
    “The best one I’ve found is called The Savvy Feeder® (www.savvyfeeder.com) and I like it because it is sturdy and can take a lot of abuse, yet is lightweight and portable. It’s built like a box with slanted sides (bigger at the bottom), with a grate that sits on top of the hay and keeps moving down as the horse pulls the hay out through the grate. It’s always right on top of the hay as the amount of hay decreases. This feeder holds up to 25 pounds of hay. The manufacturer says it takes 4 to 10 times longer for a horse to consume it than when eating hay with free access. My mare works very diligently at getting the hay out and it probably only takes her about 3 times longer to eat her hay, but that’s still a great benefit – giving her more eating time to occupy her busy mind and less time to get into trouble trying to destroy her pen!”

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