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Spacer Kits for Press Wheel Drills
"We've never advertised. This product sells itself," says Marvin Lawrason, Czar, Alberta, inventor and manufacturer of a new spacer kit for seed drills that's already in use throughout western Canada and Midwestern plain states.
Lawrason says any farmer who owns a seed drill equipped with press wheels understands the problem. After a bit of use, the wheels begin to work loose because of inadequate spacers between wheels. "The more you tighten them up, the more the wheels wear. As a result, spacing is off, the wheels wear unevenly, the drill pulls harder, and you have to keep tightening them up," says Lawrason.
He makes kits to fit 46 different International drills, some of the 42 models of Deere drills, and many other drills on the market. The kit consists of heavy-duty machined circular spools with a flange at each end. There's a spacer on either side of each press wheel and against each bearing.
To install, you simply empty everything off the shaft and completely replace the square metal tube spacers supplied by most manufacturers with the spool-shaped spacers, which Lawrason has patented.
"Many dealers now say they won't sell a drill until they've installed our spacer kit and every farmer who's tried them installs them on their new drills," says Lawrason, who's been making the spacer kits for the past 10 years. "Every drill is different even within same models. We have to ask each farmer for measurements from his drill to figure out which kit is needed."
Kits sell for $375 to $400. They take about 2 hrs. to install. No modification is necessary. Lawrason is looking for dealers.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Shurtight Mfg., Ltd., P.O. Box 60, Czar, Alta. TOB OZO (ph 403 857-2145 or 857-2156).

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