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Mineral Feeder “Sled” For Pastured Cattle
Raising grass-fed beef on a rotational grazing system is growing in popularity, but moving mineral feeders between pastures can be a challenge. Most feeders are too heavy to lift into the back of a pickup, and using a loader tractor to move them around is time consuming.
  Kevin Kulzer decided there had to be a better way, so he came up with a lightweight steel sled that hooks up behind any 4-wheeler. The sled is designed to carry a round, 3-section plastic mineral tub. The tub bolts to a metal ring that’s welded onto a pair of metal skis. A 3-in. metal ring attached to a tow chain slips over the 4-wheeler’s ball hitch.
  Customers can buy the sled either with or without the tub.
  “It’s a simple, strong, lightweight sled that makes it easy to move mineral feeders between pastures,” says Kulzer. “It’s safe to use and cattle friendly, and with the skis it’ll easily slide over all kinds of terrain.   Tubs are widely available at farm supply stores. If you already have a tub or want to buy your own, just drill holes in the rim and use 5/16-in. bolts to secure it. The skis are made from 3/16-in. thick metal and the ring from 1/4-in. thick metal so it’s built to last.”  
  The sled sells for $100 plus S&H; the sled-tub combo for $235 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kevin Kulzer, P.O. Box 7794, St. Cloud, Minn. 56302 (ph 320 260-5009; Kevin.kulzer27@gmail.com).

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