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Overhead Garage Doors Fold Accordion-Style On Carport
Orvil Krueger, Marion, Wis., has a 30-ft. wide carport attached to his house. To keep snow from drifting inside it he attached a bunch of used overhead garage doors together across the front side of the carport. The doors are mounted vertically and hang from an old barn door track, which Krueger bolted to an H-beam frame that runs across the carport’s ceiling. The doors are hinged together in such a way that they open and close accordion-style.
    “I just grab the end door and push the doors together toward one end of the carport. It leaves about a 25-ft. wide opening,” says Krueger. “A friend gave me the doors. They’re 9 ft. high but my carport only has 7 ft. of clearance so I cut 2 ft. out of each door to get the right length. Then I reattached the door’s hinged end. The doors’ rollers are attached to I-hooks on trolleys that run inside the door track.”
    To keep the wind from swinging the doors around too much, he closed all the doors and marked where each roller would have been if the door had been used normally. Then he drilled holes in the carport’s cement floor and dropped a metal rod down into each hole. “I pour windshield washer fluid into each hole in order to keep any water that might get in it from freezing,” notes Krueger.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Orvil Krueger, W11722 Swamp Rd., Marion, Wis. 54950 (ph 715 754-5495; fax 2330).

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