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Liquid Tote Garden Waterer
Ron Zehner needed an easier way to water his garden, which is located about 150 ft. from his house, without having to move hoses around all the time. So the Oshkosh, Wis., farmer converted a used 300-gal. liquid tote into a “watering cart” that mounts on a small trailer that he pulls behind his Deere Gator.
    He shortened an old boat trailer by a few feet and mounted a 49 by 62-in. wooden deck on it. The deck boards screw down to 2 by 4 cross members that rest on top of the trailer’s frame. The tote is held down by a pair of ratchet straps.
    A 25-ft. long garden hose, equipped with a sprinkler attachment, hooks up to a 12-volt pump that mounts on a wooden shelf attached to one side of the tank. A 12-volt battery is strapped onto a shelf attached to the other side of the tank.
    Zehner attached a reducer to the original valve to connect to a short hose that, runs from the reducer valve to the pump, and from there up to the 25-ft. hose at the top of the tote. An adapter connects the 2 hoses together.
    “It’s easy to use and didn’t cost much to build,” says Zehner. I just park the trailer at the end of the garden and flip a switch to operate the pump. I painted the trailer and deck Deere green and yellow to match my tractors. I think the same idea could be used to water trees and to do a lot of other jobs.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ronald R. Zehner, 5432 County Rd. S., Oshkosh, Wis. 54904 (ph 920 836-3265 or cell ph 920 284-5162).

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