1994 - Volume #18, Issue #4, Page #11
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ATV Cattle Feeder

"I designed and built this two-wheeled portable cattle feeder to feed 8 to 10 feeder cattle. I pull it with an ATV," says Steven Garman, Scandia, Kan.
The 6-ft. long portable feeder has a 12-in. wide tub on each side for grain and a hay rack in the middle. The back side of each tub has a drain plug for easy clean-out. The tow hitch hinges up so it can be raised out of the way when unhooked. The front of the feeder rests on a pair of telescoping legs that lift out of the way for transport.
"It cost almost nothing to build," says Garman, who built the feeder entirely from scrap parts. "I cut a hot water heater in half to make the feed troughs and salvaged the rear axle and tires off an old riding mower. I used 3-in. sq. steel tubing to make the hitch and 3- and 4-in. pipes to make the telescoping legs."
Garman is looking for a manufacturer.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steven Garman, Rt. 1, Box 640, Scandia, Kan. 66966 (ph 913 374-4204).

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1994 - Volume #18, Issue #4