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No Boom Spray Rig
"There's nothing on the market like it. It gives you the accuracy of a $25,000 self-propelled commercial spray rig," says John Mikulas, Troutville, Va., about his "Spray & Pump" sprayer that has an elevated spray nozzle on back that eliminates the need for a boom.
It'll spray 40 ft. wide with the single nozzle or you can set it to spray 20 ft. out to either side for hedge row control - without worrying about breaking a boom, notes Mikulas. You can also set the nozzle to spray higher for brush control. And it can be fitted with a hand sprayer. He pulls it with an ATV or lawn tractor.
"No commercial small tow rig offers the convenience of such a wide spray swath without the problems of clogged nozzles and booms. It has recirculation agitation which is not available on new 12-volt commercial rigs. When not used for spraying, you can set it up for high pressure washing or for fire fighting. It's great for cleaning equipment because of the high volume of water it pumps and it also works great as portable fire control when burning brush. When we're not using it for anything else, it sits in a shed rigged up with a hose and nozzle attached ready for fire fighting."
Mikulas has dimensioned drawings and parts lists available.
Contact: John Mikulas, 8836 Little Catawba CreekRd., Troutville, Va. 24175 (ph 703 992-4758).

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